How the professional crisis look like?

This year marked my ten years professional record of cool career in IT. During those years I did a lot of things with a lot of different technologies. I feel like I know a lot and I don’t know squat. I didn’t touched many technologies considered “modern”. I didn’t do that because most of the companies are still using stuff invented in 80s and 90s.

Today I’m questioning those 10 years work I’ve done. Today, I’m thinking of changing everything around.

When starting work I was a systems administrator dealing with Windows servers and some not too nice software. On top of that, I was fixing printers problems, fixing chairs, changing wires and solving network issues.

Then I got to know the insurance industry. It was great. Until I stopped learning and every day was just another day. I was smoking a lot, I was drinking a lot. I got fat. Then I woke up.

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Job interviews, do you speak them?

It was middle of year 2011 and I decided enough is enough. I needed a new job. And this is how my long almost five years long quest began. It started slowly, with updating my CV, looking around in my area, checking companies I probably want to work for and figuring out what I’d like to do next.

Job interviews are hard. You try to prepare, dress up, go to the companys office, you talk a lot, you meet people, shake hands, talk some more and you get rejected a lot.

Essentially, seeking for a job is like looking for a publisher for your new shiny book. Or looking for a company that will create your awesome device. It’s hard, very hard. Continue reading Job interviews, do you speak them?