Year 2016 retrospective

It’s always good to stop for a moment and look back at last sprint, month, quarter or, like this time, last year. It’s December, holiday season upon us, so let’s sit with a glass of good whisky and look what was going on in the last twelve months.

In 2016 I wrote astonishing number of five posts. Including this one. Obviously, my writing goals hasn’t been met at all. Not even close. Too bad for me and us all. But maybe it’s better not to write at all than write a shitty post every day.

So I’ve been busy. Up until March I had a lot of job interviews, in Berlin and in Poland. But I was aiming to get back to my home town and live full time with my family. I got tired of living in two different cities. Because of that I couldn’t get heads or tails of my life. I felt sick of constant commute, to be missing my close family and friends, and my private life which was basically nonexistent. Continue reading Year 2016 retrospective

DevOps Days Warsaw

After years and years of struggling to join a bigger conference, I managed to see how conference looks like. Warsaw way.

That was a second edition of such conference in Poland, so I guess team is still learning. But, I must say, organization was well thought, didn’t notice bigger issues.

Conference lasted two full days of talks and ignite talks on the first day. On the first day, surprise surprise, there was also an after party. Continue reading DevOps Days Warsaw

Welcome back!

After a long, long, long, (seriously) long time not writing, I decided to write something daily. Yes, daily.

… but not necessarily on this blog though.

In the mean time: I haven’t decided yet what to do with this space. I know I still want to write in English, but I don’t know how much technical I want to stay.

Currently I’m working with one magazine in Poland and I’m writing mainly for them instead of blogging. I’ve been thinking on translating everything I write also to English and publish it right here. That may be one way to maintain publishing here.

Another idea which came into my mind is writing about recruiting. I have a bit of experience with HR and talking to various people from different countries (Germany, US, Ireland, UK, Poland) about job. Couple of weeks ago I came across recruiter from adult industry – that was interesting.

I guess I’ll have enough material with those two.

For now my intention was just saying “hi” and getting my all thoughts together in this post.