Linux Autumn in Poland

I rarely appear publicly. I don’t desire nor like it. Last time when I did similar thing was three years ago (in 2013) at the conference I dreamed of, planned and made it happen. Had some help however from friends and family. If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t happen.

This is one of the recordings:

In my opinion I was quite lousy leading speaker there. Unfortunately I wsn’t able to find a replacement to focus on more technical aspects of it.

Anyway, it happened, it was one of best conferences in Szczecin, Poland. At least in my opinion.

I hope I’ll be able to organize more of such events. So far, nothing since three years (2013).

So right now I decided, with the help of my friends, to submit a talk. And since I’m usually throwing myself against the biggest challenge, I’ve found a topic I could struggle with: Architecture of applications. Microservices.

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What it takes to bring agility in your organization?

The first time I’ve heard about “agile” in relation to IT project I thought about yet another buzzword that does nothing to what I did back then. It was 2008 and It was my second job in IT. Before I was working as an IT administrator which basically meant that I was doing everything from installing Windows XP on workstations, maintaining Novell Netware server as well as an awesome Windows NT machine with state of the art tax application installed on it (yep, that was sarcasm).

My work routine was like this: I got to work in a morning, reviewed if backups were there and were valid. Checking emails and then proceed with my personal to do list. This list involved improving stuff in our infrastructure, implementing Bacula as a primary solution (xcopy was cool, but it wasn’t enough). Continue reading What it takes to bring agility in your organization?