Linux Autumn in Poland

I rarely appear publicly. I don’t desire nor like it. Last time when I did similar thing was three years ago (in 2013) at the conference I dreamed of, planned and made it happen. Had some help however from friends and family. If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t happen.

This is one of the recordings:

In my opinion I was quite lousy leading speaker there. Unfortunately I wsn’t able to find a replacement to focus on more technical aspects of it.

Anyway, it happened, it was one of best conferences in Szczecin, Poland. At least in my opinion.

I hope I’ll be able to organize more of such events. So far, nothing since three years (2013).

So right now I decided, with the help of my friends, to submit a talk. And since I’m usually throwing myself against the biggest challenge, I’ve found a topic I could struggle with: Architecture of applications. Microservices.

This is a very demanding and complex topic to explain. Personally I’m not a big fan, if not a sceptic of the solution. Good complexity is challenging in a good way, but it’s extremely easy to dig a very deep hole for yourself.

Since there is no de facto standard of handling microservices, but there are principles one should know and be very cautions when violating them.


Jesie┼ä Linuksowa (or Linux Autumn) is a Polish (duh!) conference held in Hucisko, in Orle Gniazdo hotel. It’s being organized by Polish Linux User Group, one of the biggest working organization in Poland. Though I’m not a big fan of their work to date, they made quite a few events people know about.

Event was far in the woods, lot of geeks around you could talk to geeky stuff (from moderate to high geekyness) and a few presentations you could attend to. My feeling was like I was an outsider among some distant village. Most people looked down on newcomers like me. But maybe it was just a feeling

Not sure if I ever go there again, but I honestly doubt it.


Since I’m a sceptic, I took the path of reviewing architectures and showing how microservices are another step after layered service, aka monolith.

On top of that, there’s much confusion and misunderstanding around DevOps, let’s call it movement or culture. People overuse also terms like Big Data or Pipeline (Data Pipeline, Deploy Pipeline). I looked into addressing those and expose some problems with implementing microservices when you do not know the business yet (or the domain).

As a Domain I understand all processes being in effect in the organization and are being driven by some technology (mostly an app). I’m thinking more about processes around main business rather than managing sick leave or vacation days, this can and should be managed by 3rd party application.


As a person oriented inwards (let’s call it introvert) rather than outside, it was very stressful experience for me. On that end, after watching a video, I did pretty well. You see I’m nervous, but you don’t see 10% of it.

The talk itself was more about “ummmm”, “yyyyyyy” and that sort of things. Can’t excuse myself of lack of preparation, but it was it. I didn’t prepare correctly, and you can see that. Slides were preared well before the conference and I thought I have enough time to prepare, but unfortunately work came first and I had a lot of commuting in between.

I hold myself responsible for that and if I ever present anything next time, I will need to put much more work on it.

At the moment my main focust is more towards writing instead of talking, so there are no plans for more talks from me.


Presentation have changed a bit since the talk, but the overall direction remained intact.

Principles I was trying to comunicate:

  • DevOps is NOT a team nor a person
  • There must be a serious change within organization before you go to microservices:
    • Communication
    • Automation
    • Testing (unit, functional, regression, …)
    • Culture (no dicks allowed; have very much to do with communication)
  • Microservices are complex, distributed systems, be aware of the consequence of every decision you make

And it’s just the start point. After this, there’s whole new pile of stuff you’ll need to take care of, decide on solutions, monitor, improve or alter because you were mistaken.

So there’s the presentation:

And here is the stammer thing, unfortunately in Polish.

So here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

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