DevOps Days Warsaw

After years and years of struggling to join a bigger conference, I managed to see how conference looks like. Warsaw way.

That was a second edition of such conference in Poland, so I guess team is still learning. But, I must say, organization was well thought, didn’t notice bigger issues.

Conference lasted two full days of talks and ignite talks on the first day. On the first day, surprise surprise, there was also an after party.

Subjectively, for me, agenda looked more or less like this:

  • DOCKER!!!1
  • MICROSERVICES!!!!!11oneone

Well, all in all, it’s a hot topic, so it’s not that surprising that most of the people want to talk about this. And a fact that one can implement this idea in a million different ways using dozens of different project and solutions, makes it even more interesting.

mr devops

So what was the most interesting thing?

Monitoring containers. There’s a nice project that accomplished just that, and a lot more. Project is called sysdig (csysdig for a curses version). If you’re using Docker in production environment, you really want to check this out.

Another topic which raised a very good point was “Hidden cost of microservices”. In a nutshell, doing microservices adds another level of complexity into infrastructure, because one have to build another infrastructure(s) around it (like monitoring, logging and automation). So, in my understanding, implementing microservices into infrastructure, doesn’t make things easier,¬†on the contrary, it makes it harder. And… that’s why it’s so fun to do that. Starting from implementing new technology, to orchiestrating all those things to make them work together.

I think I’ll join this conference next year as well. I’ve learned quite a bit new things, and I met interesting people which whom I could exchange experiences.

In retrospective: I regret I didn’t push harder for getting approval from employer(s) to join such event. I hope I’ll have a chance to do that more often in the future.

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