Welcome back!

After a long, long, long, (seriously) long time not writing, I decided to write something daily. Yes, daily.

… but not necessarily on this blog though.

In the mean time: I haven’t decided yet what to do with this space. I know I still want to write in English, but I don’t know how much technical I want to stay.

Currently I’m working with one magazine in Poland and I’m writing mainly for them instead of blogging. I’ve been thinking on translating everything I write also to English and publish it right here. That may be one way to maintain publishing here.

Another idea which came into my mind is writing about recruiting. I have a bit of experience with HR and talking to various people from different countries (Germany, US, Ireland, UK, Poland) about job. Couple of weeks ago I came across recruiter from adult industry – that was interesting.

I guess I’ll have enough material with those two.

For now my intention was just saying “hi” and getting my all thoughts together in this post.

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